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"Networking is an enrichment program, not an entitlement program." - Susan RoAne

What is a Network

Networks originally just meant a web-like arrangement of threads or wires. Later, the meaning changed to a more complex system. Networks are a web of mass connections, normally for specific reasons, but within the digital world, networks are created based on the relationships they share with common elements in content. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, Linkedin, Pinterest, and many more, are all prime examples of social networking websites. But just as friendships and families are connected through relationships, networks are another type of relationships. The similarity is the common link that each relationship shares.

My Project

My approach to networks was Wikipedia. I wanted to show how to link two unrelated pages on Wikipedia. Kumu is a web-based, visualization tool for mapping elements and better understanding relationships. Kumu can be used to map anything, related ideas, or anything that can be considered connected. I started with Game of Thrones and I made a map of one of the many web paths one could take to get to Mean Girls and after completing that, I then mapped a path to Dogs to Donald Trump and from Game of Thrones to Philadelphia 76ers.

The Layout

Kumu has a very direct layout with two standard components:

  • Elements - represented by a circle, this component allows the user to describe the point
  • Connections - lines or arrows that connect the elements
  • And then you may style as choose, by changing images within the elements and color coding the elements and connections.

    My Map

    To view full scale, click on the Kumu Map link above.

    The Experience

    I enjoyed the assignment and getting to use Kumu. It allows a new way to express creativity while teaching an idea. Trying to align the elments in a less messy looking manner is still a process, but overall, the use of Kumu and the concept of it is very practical. Depending on the project, it may seem tedious to create new elements for every concept, and there may be ways around that, but the repetitiveness helped get me more familiar with the use of Kumu.